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Before and After Photos

Indiana Online Weight Loss patients have been known to lose up to 20 - 35+ pounds or more in 6 weeks, but weight loss results vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.


Lost 26 pounds!

Angelica lost 26 pounds and 24 inches in 42 days on our program.


Lost 27 pounds!

Barb W. lost 27 pounds and 25 inches in 42 days on our program.


Lost a whopping 160 pounds!

Bill lost 160 pounds and 72.5 inches on our program!


Lost 33 pounds!

Dan lost 33 pounds and 29 inches in 42 days on our program!


Don lost an amazing 96 pounds!

Don lost 96 pounds and 46 inches in 5 months!


Lost 20 pounds!

Beautiful Jeanie lost 20 pounds as well as 20 inches in just 21 days on our program.


Lost 32 pounds!

Kristen lost 32 pounds as well as 25 inches in 42 days on our program


Lost 25 pounds!

Lana lost 25 pounds and 19.25 inches in 42 days on our program.


Lost 27 pounds!

Lisa lost 27 pounds and 20.5 inches on our program.


Lost an amazing 56 pounds!

Roland lost an amazing 56 pounds and 34 inches in 42 days on our program.


Lost over 100 pounds!

Dr. Sheldon lost over 100 pounds in one year on our program.


Lost 55 pounds!

Sherry looks magnificent after losing 55 pounds and 41 inches in 42 dyas on our program.